High School Students Serenade Dying Teacher

It’s a weird day.  I’m even linking to CNN, if that gives you any idea how weird a day it is.

A beloved high school teacher whose students gathered outside his window to serenade him has died after a battle with cancer. Ben Ellis, who taught Latin and Bible studies at Christ Presbyterian Academy in Nashville, died Friday, said Nate Morrow, the school’s headmaster. A few days ago, 400 students from the school showed up outside his home to sing songs of worship when he could no longer teach.Despite chemotherapy and radiation treatments, Ellis taught until earlier this month because the distraction helped him through it.

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The whole story is good.  A tribute to what I am assuming is a great teacher, but also to faith and love.

It also interests me that the reporterette at CNN regaled the scientifically documented and well-established proof that there are benefits when people are praying for you.

Praying to whom?  She didn’t say.  But if I pray to Thor or Zeus or Hercules, is that as helpful as – I don’t know – beseeching the King of the Universe?

And another question, if government school children were allowed or even encouraged to engage in this type of behavior, would they (and their school) be better or worse?  And by “better or worse”, I mean better or worse off as individuals AND be better or worse as individuals in society?

Just askin’.