CNN adopts new slogan. Piers Morgan gets award.

There are few so called news outlets that have a higher yawn factor than CNN.  Probably none, if you don’t count MSNBC.  And there are probably no talking heads who generate more indifference than CNN’s Piers Morgan.

Morgan replaced the inane but legendary Larry King.  But one thing remained: people stay away in droves.  So much about Morgan is simply annoying.  That’s something that can easily be overlooked.  Face it, all of us are annoying to someone else at one time or another.

I can get over the fact that Morgan is arrogant, surly, has feminine mannerisms.  Heck, I can even get over the fact that his lips seem to be frozen in a pucker: just in case he encounters his visage in a mirror or sees a picture of himself somewhere.

But when he espouses his uber-cafeteria-brand of Catholicism with self-absorbed, self-appointed infallibility, I have a hard time imagining that I would waste a cup of water (or other water source) on him if he were on fire.  Ironically, he even had a self described atheist on his show one time who correctly explained to His Assonance that if you’re going to be a Catholic, you don’t get to pick and choose what you’re going to believe:

And Piers is unrelenting in his contempt for all things constitutional, but most especially the Second Amendment.  While he shows how progressive he is by not judging Muslims for the actions of a few (he would say) lunatics – you know the kind who fly hijacked airlines full of civilians into big office buildings similarly populated; he would disarm the entire population because he doesn’t see why you need it.

Not only does Morgan actually believe his own press releases and what his mother thinks about him, he stubbornly refuses to understand the point of the Second Amendment.  It has nothing to do with hunting.  It has nothing to do with Bubba and his gun rack.  It has to do with the ability of the citizenry to overthrow its government when it becomes tyrannical.  You know, “When in the course of human events . . ” and all that stuff.

It was exactly the American experience with the land of bad teeth that gave rise to the right to keep and bear arms not being infringed.  And, oh by the way, a couple of British butt-whippings. Just sayin’.  If Morgan had his way, we’d all still be speaking with a British accent.

More recently, he’s attempting relevance by weighing in to the Phil Robertson/Duck Dynasty imbroglio.  Dutifully, he’s blasting Phil for pretty much articulating what Christianity has said for a couple of millennia.

This led to country music legend Charlie Daniels to observe that Piers-y-poo wouldn’t last five minutes in the swamp where Robertson duck hunts.  Piers responded – much to everyone’s surprise  – that he (Piers) didn’t do swamps anyway.

Then, what started off rhetorically ended with what has to be a Freudian moment:

Daniels:  If you had to go to war who would you want to watch your back Piers Morgan or Phil Robertson?

Morgan:  Me… if you’re gay.

Is it just me, or did Morgan just come out of the closet?  If you’re gay [sic], you want Morgan watching your back.  Glad we got that cleared up.

CNN continues its effort to distinguish itself as the portal of all that is not good.  So much so, they’re changing their corporate slogan to “All hit pieces, all the time.”  For his part, Piers Morgan has just been awarded CNN’s Martin Bashir Award for Professionalism in Journalism.