Dude, did you see that?

Me either.  But I sure have the munchies.

A nation gone to pot . . . or is that too pot?

It may be awhile before national corporations blatantly target the stoner market with mainstream advertising campaigns, but many companies have found a way to infiltrate the late-night psyche of the cannabis cult insurgence by producing commercials with subliminal messages aimed at turning the marijuana munchies into big business.

Fast food chains are the usual suspects: junk food slingers like Taco Bell, Jack in the Box, Denny’s and Carl’s Jr. are all vying for the attention of the American high life with clever advertisements produced to keep late-night smokers lining up at the local drive-thru.

Yet, it’s not just the fast food nation attempting to creep into the minds and wallets of weed enthusiasts. Spirit Airlines recently introduced a series of ads informing eager marijuana tourists that, “The no smoking sign is off” in Colorado and to, “Get mile high” by taking advantage of discounted fares.

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