Getting Revenge on ISIS

And make ISIS pay for it!

CC: Mike Flynn, National Security Advisor Designate

President Elect Trump has stated that he’s scaling way back on the inaugural festivities.  Good for him.  But we, as a nation, still love to celebrate.  So after he undoes a few thousand of his departed predecessor’s executive orders, he ought to put a wee little exclamation point on the end of the inaugural day.

First, we divert some of the seized ISIS money to pay for the biggest drone that can be made.  Second, we fly that bad boy into Mecca (with a couple of extra, full fuel tanks on board or the optional nuclear payload).  Third, we do a little pinpoint landing in the middle to town as pictured below:


Fourth, we send a Tweet to @ISIS with something like “Screw with us any more and we’re going to get serious.”