I thought it was “survival of the fittest.”


So let’s get this straight, an evolutionist (who by definition thinks everything is “progressing”) all of the sudden thinks that a particular species – oh, that happens to be the human species – is progressing, and he gets all jiggy about the survival of the species.  And all this time, I thought that if a species is prospering, it’s chances of survival were going up.  Silly me.

Attenborough is hosting another one of those snooty pseudo-documentaries “Rise of Animals” Triumph of the Vertebrates.”  He’ll probably want to modify that to Triumph of some Vertebrates.

Sir David Attenborough has suggested it is irresponsible to have a large family in today’s overcrowded world.   The veteran natural history broadcaster warned that future generations face less happy and healthy lives as resources become increasingly stretched and natural wonders disappear.

He even appeared to voice support for China’s brutal one-child policy, saying the country had recognized it would have too many mouths to feed if it did not impose restrictions of family size.

Sir David, 87, was speaking ahead of his new two-part documentary David Attenborough’s Rise Of Animals: Triumph Of The Vertebrates, which will start on September 20 on BBC2.

Addressing the controversial theme of the one-child policy, he said: ‘It’s the degree to which it has been enforced which is terrible, and there’s no question it’s produced all kinds of personal tragedies. There’s no question about that.

‘On the other hand, the Chinese themselves recognize that had they not done so there would be several million more mouths in the world today than there are now.’

He does raise one salient point, at 87, there will soon be one less mouth on the planet.  I guessin’ he won’t be sounding all that high brow then.