Obama: The Legacy of the Useful Idiot.

Barack Hussein Obama has, is, and apparently always will be a useful idiot.  His behavior in office is horrid, earning himself the title of the Worst President in History, a fact for which the previous record holder, Jimmy Carter, is eternally grateful.

But Obama’s consistent willingness to serve as the lackey for the Left, his commitment to promulgating evil, and his shameless funding by the likes of George Soros make Obama a threat that President Trump (and we) should ignore at his own peril.


His actions since leaving office are both unprecedented and unpresidential:

Barack Obama is turning his new home in the posh Kalorama section of the nation’s capital – just two miles away from the White House – into the nerve center of the mounting insurgency against his successor, President Donald J. Trump.

Obama’s goal, according to a close family friend, is to oust Trump from the presidency either by forcing his resignation or through his impeachment.

And Obama is being aided in his political crusade by his longtime consigliere, Valerie Jarrett, who has moved into the 8,200-square-foot, $5.3-million Kaloroma mansion with  the former president and Michelle Obama, long time best friends.

Jarrett played a vital – if at times low-key – role in the Obama presidency. She lived in the White House, dined with the Obamas, and help shape his domestic and foreign policies.

President Trump has shown his willingness to double down against his critics, something that has  from my lofty perspective, has worked out pretty well for him.  Because I am nothing if not helpful, I suggest the President Trump take the following steps:

  1. Deport George Soros and seize any accounts over which Soros or any of his organizations/affiliates/surrogates have control that can be linked to any subversive activities, including hiring agitators to disrupt town halls, block highways, destroy property, etc.  Use the funds obtained from such seizures to build the wall.
  2. Continue to purge the State Department and the Intelligence Agencies of the residual Obama devotees.  March them to the door today!
  3. Direct Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate whether Obama is violating any federal laws.
  4. Direct Attorney General Jeff Sessions to seek an indictment against Hillary Clinton.  It’s just and it might just get the Obama/Jarrett cabal to count their chickens before they’re fried.

Barack Hussein Obama has nothing but the legacy of a useful idiot.  He is not fit to be an ex-president.