Pope Francis confirms worst fears.

We all remember when Archbishop Vigano issued a statement calling our Pope Francis for his complicity in, among other things, the Cardinal McCarrick scandal.  When Pope Francis was cornered by the media for a response to the Vigano charges, he memorably responded, “I will not say a word about this.”  It was the Argentinian version of My Imitation of Christ.

Enter Cardinal Marc Ouellett, prefect of the Congregation for bishops, in an open letter to Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, has released a detailed and devastating response to former nuncio’s accusations against Pope Francis regarding the case of Archbishop Theodore McCarrick, charging him with “blasphemy” for calling into question the faith of the pope and calling on him to repent.  Ouellett said that he is writing with the “necessary permission” of Pope Francis.

As an aside to Cardinal Ouellett, I believe blasphemy is reserved for speaking improperly of God, not another person.  But I’ll let someone else write that post.

Cardinal Ouellett’s letter was released by the Vatican in the original French, accompanied by an Italian translation, around 10:30 on Sunday morning (Rome time), Oct. 7.  In addition, Ouellett’s letter was published by America magazine, which is controlled by the Jesuits.  Getting your perspective on Pope Francis from America is a little like forming your opinion of Vladimir Putin by reading Pravda.

In any event, I wasn’t so much thinking of the source of the article but yet another example of the duplicity of the Argentinian.  It was he who said in response to  Vigano’s disclosures “I will not say a word.”  Now, Ouellet with “permissions” goes on the attack.  If anything, the Jesuit mouthpiece America only underscores that point.

This has been a pope who loves to promote a lack of clarity, who thrives on creating confusion, who relishes the double meaning of phrases.   The only thing he won’t do is to clarify.

Now, all of the sudden like, (and contrary to his own word), he uses others to do what he promised not to do.

Alas, my worst fears have been confirmed.  Pope Francis is a Democrat.