Suicide by abortion.

Creepy.  Freaky.  Ironic.

This video is so bizarre, it could almost be made by a prolife group as a parody of the worst elements of the abortion lobby.  Except it’s for real.

So here you have it, straight from the pro-aborts themselves.  Some creepy vermin extolling the virtues of keeping abortion without limits.  Remember the claptrap of the good old days, when it was supposed to be “safe, legal, and rare?”  Glad we’re past all that.

This guy’s not looking longingly at a woman but at the pursuit of free, consequence-less sex.  Abortophiles accuse prolifers of reducing women to mere objects.  Yet that is all women are to this guy: the perfect data plan: free, unlimited downloads.  Nothing sacred.  Nothing personal.  Nothing but receptacles.  Next.

Not sure which touch I like better, using a black guy to promote continuing black genocide (I thought we elected Obama for that!); or, having what looks like a Bible on the table next to Mr. Smoothie’s bourbon.