Jan 05

Getting Revenge on ISIS

And make ISIS pay for it! CC: Mike Flynn, National Security Advisor Designate President Elect Trump has stated that he’s scaling way back on the inaugural festivities.  Good for him.  But we, as a nation, still love to celebrate.  So after he undoes a few thousand of his departed predecessor’s executive orders, he ought to …

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Oct 06

ISIS forcing abortions on Yazidi women.

Cecile Richards actually cracked a smile . . .  . . . and Planned Parenthood calls it medical services. Kind of reminds me of the complaints by the children of Israel about getting manna.  “We want meat!” they cried.  God said, “You want meat; I’ll give you meat.  Until it comes out your nose, I’ll …

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Feb 26

ISIS Genocide against Christians in Syria.

Former Navy Seal:  ISIS Wiping Out Syrian Christians. CNN’s Erin Burnett seems to be trying to get at the truth here.  But, being with CNN, she just can’t help herself.  She asserts that so much of Islam’s history “contains so many instances of being incredibly tolerant of other religions . . . ” Umm, Erin, …

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Feb 19

Administration calls for an end to Muslim Oppression.

Make. It. Stop.   You’ve probably been aware of all of the oppression going on in this country against Muslims.  Sure, the mainstream media is trying to keep it all hush hush, but we know there’s a problem.  Why just this morning right before Mass was ended, my priest called for every member of the …

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