Jul 20

The Real Trayvon Martin

  • yougottobekidding

    Nose nots Travonsssssss

  • Mike

    I stopped watching the news…I was news addicted, but their only purpose is to scare the hell out of us…and it’s always the poor black race…they are 13% of americans and have the most crime, most tv time, most of everything, and use the slavery card to get whatever they want and they are getting it. Enough is enough….Travon was a thug…what’s happening to our country…

  • Lauren

    The President should keep his mouth shut about this type of issue…totally inappropriate.

  • Lottie

    Outstanding comments, thank you.

  • Mike Lameyer

    “Notice” Little baby 6’2″ black boys don’t beat the piss out of people you might get shot.

  • Carney3

    Quite good until he felt he had to cover his rear with ritual praise for MLK.

  • larry kelley

    After seeing these photos for the very first time and patiently witnessing the Zimmerman trial, I am at the point in my 55 years that I know that race relations in the USA are never going to get better. Blacks have unique problems that have little to do with poverty. What is equally amazing is the deafening silence by so many black businessman, celebrities, and political leaders who have said nothing. Likely since they know better. I still remember well the Tawana Brawley rape fraud that caused Bill Cosby and many other black celebrities to speak out. After it was learned the whole thing was a fraud, you never, ever heard those same black leaders speak out for black civil rights issues again. Even before Tawana Brawley, their were several other phony, staged incidents where Blacks were allegedly assaulted by white racists that uttered racist remarks during the assaults. My tolerance has gone down the drain. I’ve not had racist or prejudicial views for most of my life. But anyone who denies that the Zimmerman case and the media deception, and the shameless efforts by Obama & Holder to whip this into a racial issue. I’m sick of it, and so are lots of black people I’ve talked to recently. I’m very grateful for the production of this video. Now I have more belief that Blacks are indeed the descendants of Cainaan, cursed by Noah for the rape by his son Ham. Genesis Chp. 9:20-27. Canaan, was the name of Ham’s wife, and she was black, as is proven by historical evidence. And they were the Cainaanites that God commanded Israel to subdue due to their pagan ways. It was a Cainaanite king who later raped Jacob’s only daughter, Dinah. It was God who made Cain black so he could hide. Gen. 4:15. There are many, many older historical texts which make it very clear that the ancient world knew exactly who the Cainaanites were. To this very day, pursuant to the curse uttered by Noah, Blacks enslave other blacks in Africa.

  • Tom

    How dare you confuse me/us with the facts. Where is the money in that?

    I asked my wife what she thought “I don’t know if i’d believe that (information)” was her reply. So, where do you go from there? This is a tragedy, but I’M GLAD HE IS DEAD!
    Too bad Zimmerman’s portrayl has been so one-sided.
    About 2 months ago in Augusta,GA 2 whites were severely, severely beaten by 2 young black men. Why is the media so quiet about this? Don’t answer, I’m not reading.

  • just american

    I believe most people with any common sense know that the media is one sided with their reporting on all Negro (yes I know I said the “N” word) and minority news coverage. I have met and have had very nice black friends. Their just like anybody else. They don’t use the “race card” when something doesn’t go their way. They work their butts off, just like the rest of us, for what they have. They have decent jobs and nice homes. They speak proper English and do not steal and kill. Black on Black murders are common yet the government and media only talk about how disproportionally black people are incarcerated compared to whites. That’s because almost all crimes are committed by young black thugs. America does not owe these lazy free-riders a free ride forever. They need to stand up and take control of their lives and quit living off the American people who pay for all the special treatment and free programs the government gives them. We pay for their cell phones, their food, their housing, their schooling, their medical, and many other things most of us probably don’t even know about. It’s the white people in this country that are in the minority these days and it’s only going to get worse. Even the president of United States, who has no business discussing the matter publicly, is condoning and inflaming the situation. By the way the president is not African American. He is half white which non of the “media” ever acknowledge.

  • Pray tell us, what is really killing us? Exactly what are we all slaves to? What is your plan for freedom?

  • Thanks for posing some fair questions. The relevance of Trayvon Martin’s hypersexualization, penchant for violence, use of drugs and the rest is predicated by the prosecution (and the media’s) intentional deception as summarized in the repeated posting of a cherubic 12 year old merely buying tea and skittles. That is a false picture and opened the door (in legal terms) to presenting information (evidence) that Trayvon Martin eventually became an aggressor who was causing bodily harm (energized – perhaps – by his hypersexualization, drug use, and penchant for violence). This is what is called putting on a defense. The jury – even the lone juror who has since betrayed her lack of objectivity – acknowledge that George Zimmerman committed no crime for the very reason (as the law requires) that he had a reasonable fear of serious bodily injury or death. The relevance of the DOJ and the Obama Whitehouse involvement is that they pushed – and pushed hard – for an arrest, bypassed the indictment process, hired a special prosecutor who was ill-suited to this case, hid evidence that they were legally required to produce and they still couldn’t get a conviction. In short, it was a BS prosecution from the get go. Now Obama/DOJ are refusing to return G. Zimmerman’s property despite Florida law that they do so.

    I could go on and on and on. You either get it . . . or you won’t.


  • L in Oakland

    Suppose that all of the unproven claims about TM and Z are true. In that case, we learn that TM used illegal drugs, was guilty of petty crime, posted stupid stuff on facebook, and liked to fight; and Z is a pretty nice guy. If you thought that this case was about a nasty bigot killing a nice kid, you have learned something new. But if you thought that this case was about an adult with a gun — and presumably some training — behaving irresponsibly (not following instructions, putting himself in harm’s way) with the result that the kid gets killed, then this video provides no new information.

    These days, not many people — and certainly not a suit with blown-dried hair –express their racism by publicly using racial slurs. But the racisim in this clip is evident. What is the point of telling us that TM was highly sexualized? That plays to all of the tired racist fears. What 17 year old boy is not highly sexualized — even if not all find an outlet for that drive?

    For that matter, what’s with the information about drugs, petty theft and stupid facebook posts? That sounds like a lot of kids (and adults) in general.

    The clip also staes as a certainty something that is only a possibility. The witness was not able to positively identify that TM was on top at the time of the shooting. (But so what if he was? If Z threatened him, then TM had a right to defend himself. Maybe Z thought he was following some kid who would cower in his shadow, and he found that he was following a tough street fighter. A good reason not to be aggressive to strangers.)

    I don’t watch TV so I didn’t get any of the hype on either side, and I read very little about the case. But after the verdict, the New York Times had a column that discussed the evidence and the outcome. It seemed extremely balanced to me, accurately representing the relevant facts that we can be certain of, and the areas of our uncertainty, and saying nothing about the irrelevant material that is the sole content of this video.

    And what’s with the Obama references in the video and these postings. Are you the people who think that Obama was not born in the US, and that a health care system that comes just a bit closer to that of all developed nations is the devils work?

  • richard

    and now the media should be on trial and put in front of the world and disgraced

    like they deserve
    how terrible this was

  • Marlo Sakal

    that would be GREAT the only thing is that the government would NOT and i mean NOT allow that. All news is governed by the government. So there is really no choice but to use the social media and hope there would be enough people to share and report the REAL news.
    Such as we have hear from this video.. I have sent this to EVERYONE i know and wish they would do the same.

  • Marlo Sakal

    I am very thankful that there are other people that realise this. It is truly very disappointing that there are people that believe what they are told on the so called news. Its almost (or is) leading the sheep to slaughter. Just put something on the news about looking younger or even a sure way to lose weight EVERYONE will watch and believe that too.

  • Marlo Sakal

    OMG finally someone can speak out but only on the web. This will NEVER and I mean NEVER be seen on TV. The so called news and be trusted. If anyone of all these people sticking up for T.Martin watched to trial they would think differently. I watched and with all the EVIDENCE that was shown, told, everyone would know better.(at least i would hope so). This is what is the media controlling us and toooo many people think that they hear only but the truth. If only we did know, it would scare the SHIT out of everyone. I do not trust anyone, more so the news they tell u only parts of the truth if that. Please everyone PLEASE know this and look for the truth.

  • Mikobadr

    check out a facebook page called ‘Rage against the Media’

  • Mikobadr

    …there is a facebook page made just for you, specifically for this purpose. They have already started picketing major media outlets, they will sometimes have flash mob sessions where we blitz the media outlets internet sites, take a look…. it is called ‘Rage against the Media’

  • MsKnot

    I’m sorry that a young man is dead. I’m sorry another young man is marked forever as a racist murderer.
    Mostly, I’m sorry that we’ve allowed ourselves to be taken over by television news. I don’t know how they decide what the next big story is, but I know that they are always hoping to enrage the public to the point of riot so they can drag the story on and on.
    The Martin/Zimmerman story is an oldie that gets dragged out every few months with different names. When will we Americans learn that we need to stop fighting with each other and take a good look at what’s really killing us? We are all slaves.

  • This is evidence of why it is illegal to produce children with your sister.

  • Is this an idea or do you have a plan? Wishful thinking is not a plan. A long time ago a cadre of brave men penned a document that stated their resolve. It began with, “When in the course of human events . . .” and ended with, “We pledge our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.”

    Do you know ten men with such courage. Heck, I don’t think I know ten men with the testicular fortitude to cut off their cable service.

  • When writing in the com box, it’s always good to have a point. If you don’t see your black friends as black, how did you I.D. them as black or count them as 1/3 of your friends? I thought blacks got 2/3. Are the other 2/3 of your friends that are white trash that you know plenty of?

  • Wayne O

    I wish we truth seekers could form a coalition across America to pool our money and buy out MSNBC, ABC, CNN, and the New York times and as the reporters are observed feeding us bullcrap then one by one they get fired. Bye bye tingly leg Chris Matthews, lying Ed Shultz, and maybe while we are at it bill Mahr gets his walking paers as well.

  • Wayne O.

    We crackers quietly watched in anger and amazement when O.J. Simpson was found not guilty of killing his white wife even though the evidence was clear that he was a jealous and violent man and police had been called to the Simpson home on several occasions to address issues there. Simpson’s acquittal came down to the fact that the blood stained leather glove used by the killer did not fit Simpson’s hand. Have you ever gotten a pair of leather gloves wet and then after drying discovered they had shrunk two sizes? The Simpson trial was decided by a mostly black jury so again the outcome should not have been a surprise. But, no police were called out to battle white people rioting in the streets nor did any white people swear to murder Simpson on site. We’ve made some progress in race relations in the last 40 years and trillions have been spent by white people on programs to elevate black people. Still after all that has been done, black people for the most part, before they are anything else, they are black and that is the tunnel vision they have.Under Obama, white folks have about had enough of the race crap and when we do push back……well….who do they think is paying the bulk of taxes in America that make the programs black people need available? Nuff said.

  • Mark Pickett


  • Vox

    Kneegrows continue to be a symptom – meanwhile jOoZ are the disease. Political correctness is the Oxycontin that makes AmeriKwa feel better without curing either the symptoms or the disease

  • mrhirsh

    When writing in the com box, it’s always good to have a point. What’s yours? If 1/3 of your friends are black but you don’t see them that way, how do you know a) that they are black; and, b) that they comprise 1/3 of your friends? Are we to infer that the other 2/3 of your friends are the white trash that you know plenty of?

    Just wonderin’

  • mrhirsh

    Is this just an idea or do you have a plan. Wishful thinking is neither a strategy nor a plan. The Founding Fathers had an idea, but they also had a plan, which was articulated in a document that begins with “When in the course of human events . . . ” and ended with “we pledge our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.” Which brings me to the main point . . . they also had courage. Do you know ten men with courage, this kind of courage? I doubt I do. Heck, I don’t even know ten men that will cancel their cable.


  • mrhirsh

    Gee, it sort of sounds like you’re profiling! There are reasons that stereotypes exist. Rioting black thugs, though claiming to want justice, really just want to be rioting black thugs.

  • Concerned Citizen

    The media who published the “race baiting” stories should be legally held liable for the damages that they caused inciting riots, racial violence, and defamation of George Zimmerman’s character. Since the acquittal; my city has seen violent protests, destruction of property (totaling in the hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages), people assaulting others only because of their race (black on white, white on black violence has erupted), and I can only blame those “shock & awe” media outlets that encourage it.

  • Mindy Robinson

    It is time for Americans to put an end to the tyranny of obama and his thugs. Time to put millions of American boots on Dc ground, time for us to take back our country. We have a hostile military takeover of our nation taking place. How much more before we finally realize, time to put an end to the corruption in our gov.

  • Tom

    That’s what you get when you have a president that should not be in office but is there because of the illegal vote fixing where a person can get over 100% of the votes and the other candidate gets 0% WAKE UP AMERICA WE ARE BEING INVADED FROM THE INSIDE.

  • Diane

    The klu, klux, klan is an embarrassment to white people. This is 2013. We are all equal. Let’s live that way. 1/3 of my friends are black but I don’t see them that way. They are just my friends. I know plenty of white trash.

  • Dfbg

    Nice article , to bad the three major networks won’t run it.

  • Capy

    Ah-h….it was on TV. I saw him say it!

  • JJ & Sand,

    Fair enough. Consider the following:
    1. Obama’s intervention from the beginning, stating among other things that if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin. (And, if I might add, if he had a city, it would look like Detroit.). The president has intervened repeatedly throughout; before, during, and after the trial. His Justice Dept. is pushing for a federal prosecution, refusing to return George Zimmerman’s property as required by Florida law. That list goes on and on.
    2. The testimony of the former chief of police who has testified that “they (the feds) wanted an arrest more than anything, pressuring him and his department. He lost his job over that point.
    3. The unusual (to say the least) tactic of the prosecution to NOT present this to the Grand Jury to get an indictment, rather they charged Zimmerman without the G.J.
    4. The testimony of a member of the prosecution’s staff (since fired for being a whistleblower) who testified that the prosecution intentionally withheld exculpatory evidence from the defense. By the way, the prosecution has an affirmative obligation to turn over such evidence. The prosecutor should be disbarred. Such, for the record, was the recommendation of long time law professor Alan Dershowitz (not particularly known for his conservative bent.)

    Do you want more? I could go on all day. But the combox has a word limit.


  • JJ&Sand

    Who has any proof that The Obama adminstration had influenced this case? People can say just about anything, but is there any documents?

  • Joe

    Yes, your correct. I’m glad other people can see through the flies.

  • The evidence, no matter how compelling; the facts, no matter how mountainous, can withstand the thorough sifting of the opposing view as summarized by your thoughtful and loquacious excrementations, which effortlessly flow and so precisely demonstrate your erudition and education. So persuasive are they that I vouch than any one of the thousands of readers here will deign to interpret this for you.


  • Jere

    Bull sh*t

  • Drake F.

    I found this whole thing disturbing from the very beginning. Especially when Spike Lee tweeted the wrong address for an elderly couple named Zimmerman who had to leave their home under police protection because of the protesters outside their house and the death threats they received. What I find especially disturbing, although the whole of this stank like week old fish, is that the president of these UNITED states, (excuse me while I ralf) has the cojones to try and stir up racial tensions with his remarks about Trayvon Martin and in trying to subvert the judicial system. What I’m seeing is a blatant effort to deflect attention from the recent scandals involving Benghazi, the IRS, the DOJ and the NSA. At no other time in our history have we had a president who has acted more irresponsibly and illegally, other than George Bush who was another embarrassment to this country and to our Constitution. I have to wonder how the hispanic community who supported him 67% in the last election would feel if they saw this presentation? Regretting your vote now? Zimmerman is a man of Jewish and Hispanic antecedents, so who was racially profiled here? The WHITE judge in this case did everything in her power to subvert George Zimmerman’s ability to defend himself in court. The coroner’s report should NEVER have been excluded. I heard that and I could not believe she would deny the state’s own evidence to try and persecute this man. She should be brought up on judicial review and have her sorry black robed backside thrown under a bus. In this case, justice was not only blind, it was deaf and dumb as well. The mainstream media, ALL of them supported this as a racial problem, ignoring facts and even went so far, as in CNN’s case, of bringing in white haters like Sunny Hostin to report on it. Time and again whe was shown to be an idiot and a racist, by black experts in law, yet CNN continues to use her, as well as other reprehensible opinion journalists like Piers Morgan who isn’t even American. And shame on those of you who immediately rushed to Trayvon Martin’s side in this when from the beginning it was OBVIOUS to intellilgent human beings that there was something really wrong about the way this was not only being reported, but being tried. As I love to state: Ignorance is our birthright, stupidity a life choice. Ignorance can be overcome but stupidity just keeps on breeding!

  • A Culturalist

    Racism what a two edged word…first I will say I am a honkey, a cracker, snowflake, white bread, breeder and any other names that as a white person get called by these so called “innocent” new members of society. If this is an example of our new leaders in society as I did hear Obama say that this could have been his son or himself then I am glad I will not live long enough to watch this garbage take over. I also have felt more anger and disgust over this than I have ever felt towards “african americans”. One, most have never left their own neighborhoods, two, when have they ever seen Africa and please do not let us stop you from returning to the country who still believes in slavery, slaughtering their own people and purchasing ammo over food. Please go ahead and try being a thug there. Second when have any of these people ever been slaves, or their parents or their grandparents? We do not have a black only tv station or black only beauty pageants or black only commercials. Who is the racist here? I have never owned a gun or yelled or swore at another person of race. My wonder is how this got so huge with such utter bull puckey yet everyone seemed to ignore the 70 families in Chicago who lost black sons, brothers, etc….Is this because it was black on black. I for one greatly appreciate you calling this a Kangaroo court, hell I thought that crap was left behind in high school, oh I forgot they only go to high school to get good dope connections or free lunches and you won’t believe this but that remark has NOTHING to do with color. Shame on us all for putting up with this garbage for so long and shame on the media and the Martin family for making a great man like Martin Luther King look like just another black man with a big mouth….I guess the biggest truth is that blacks not whites must still think we are the superior race. I know who I think is inferior…the unsatisfied masses who believe this kind of showboating will bring about a positive change..well you cannot fix stupid and I guess the meaning of UNITED got lost in this shuffle. As for main stream media, when do they actually tell the truth??? Kind of sound like a lawyer or maybe a politican and lo and behold we vote people who know how to screw the legal system into office. A great person once said and I am paraphrasing, ” If we were all blind, no one would be ugly and there would be less reason to hate.” If you ask, most people will say it is not the color they hate but the culture, why go to a better country and bring your old broken culture with you…isn’t that why most leave their place of birth?

  • Nellie

    I think the whole thing was force-fed by the media to deflect attention from our dictator in chief’s many outrageous criminal acts!

  • RB

    why would your first reaction be that Zimmerman should have been hanged?… do you think Trayvon had a constitutional right to smash Zimmerman’s head repeatedly into the sidewalk…? Unless you are the one having your head smashed in by someone twice your size, prob. on drugs, who is a sociopath with no conscience, no one else has a right to judge Zimmerman. Deadly force is always an option when someone goes out of his way to attack you; and the only reason the coward attacked Zimmerman is because he thought Zimmerman would not be able to defend himself. Trayvon was a predator.+

  • This is an amazing presentation!

  • I wish people would boycott major media outlets and picket their advertisers. The media’s handling of the Trayvon Martin tragedy was absolutely malicious and toxic.

  • Catherine

    Watch the movie “The Ring.” Look at all the media symbols, and then try and tell me the evil girl who “never sleeps,” “passes everybody’s grief around” and does this “24-hours a day” is not a media metaphor. We need Christians to STOP watching godless “news” sources that simply do not tell the truth.
    Excellent commentary.

  • RED

    I was absolutely outraged at this story when I first heard about it. I thought Zimmerman should have been hanged. Then I heard about a new fad going around in Florida-a party cocktail called “lean”. Robitussin with Codeine, Arizona Iced tea, and skittles-for a great warm buzz and without being sleepy or “nodding”. I still wasn’t sure about it until in Kansas City MO. a drug store was broken into by teens who drove a stolen SUV through the door and all they stole was cough syrup with codeine, although Oxycontin, morphine, Vicodin, etc. were just as easy to steal. Then, I thought there must be some truth to it. Reports of Trayvon’s MMA style street fighting, calling himself the “no limit nigga” on his facebook page, posts on his page the day after his death saying “where are you? I need my weed.” , began to surface, though You Tube quickly removed some of them. Google has an image page with him depicted as older with tattoos on his face and covering his arms that is FALSE. He was a baby faced, black, lean, thug who liked to fight-in fact he slapped a city bus driver because he couldn’t board the bus free, but the company did not pursue it-they told the driver to continue his route. A “whistle blower” in the D.A.’s office was fired the Friday after the trial for saying they held transcripts of Martin’s that were sexually explicit, apparent of his drug culture and love of fighting, seeking a gun, etc. since January the 1st. This made it unavailable for evidence for the defense; I don’t think it is a trial about race. I think the goal of the exposure, subsequent trial, ridicule of our jury system, was to get rid of the Florida “Stand your ground law” and to infect our fourth branch of checks and balances-A JURY OF OUR PEERS.

  • Michael Bray

    Thanks for posting, Michael! Best commentary I have heard