Toldya so, Part II

I hate Facebook.  I hate it for so many reasons and on so many levels.  It plays to the worst of our fallen natures: narcissism, vanity, self-centered, juvenile, and petty.  It has changed the word “friend” from a noun that meant something into a verb that means nothing. You don’t have 927 real friends . . . and I’d guess close to 100% of those you so loosely call your “friends” wouldn’t pi . . . er . . . pour water on you if you were on fire.

Turns out that using FB doesn’t deliver on what it promises either.  Didn’t need a study to know that.

Study: Facebook Use Predicts Decline In Happiness

New, improved to-do list:

1. Log off (better yet, delete your account);

2. Go serve someone else for a change;

3.  Be happier.