Trump’s first broken promise.

What a difference a day makes.

I admit that I stayed up until an announcement was made.  Probably the most enjoyable part of my evening – and early morning, was watching the various talking heads have to walk back what they have been saying over and over and over again.  I switched networks just to try and make sure I laughed at all of them.

I’ve always had some misgivings about Trump, but I voted for him anyway.  I’ve given my reasons elsewhere and I stand by those.  Like him or not, though, his ascent to victory is really pretty amazing . . . if for no other reason, demonstrating Trump’s focus and resolve.  I don’t recall any other politician in my lifetime to stand up – and succeed – against such an array of personal attacks from so many different quarters.  Not the least of those, from a dozen or so Republicans who swore to support the nominee – and didn’t.

Chief among these was Ted Cruz who committed political suicide on national television at the GOP convention only to try his hand at self-resurrection.  Sadly for Cruz, that’s only worked once in human history.

Trump’s victory speech was calm and measured, and generally laced with the fluff one might expect at such a moment.  And I get the whole thing about being a gracious winner, but Trump also seized the opportunity to urging us all to thank Hillary Clinton for her years of service to the country.  I threw up in my mouth.

I was looking forward to her serving many, many more years.  I know a quaint little place in Kansas.  Wasn’t this the same guy that less than a month ago promised to direct his DOJ to investigate and indict Hillary?  Wasn’t this the guy that said, “If I win, you’ll be in jail.”?

Still, there is reason to hope.  So many celebrities have promised to move to another country if what happened, happened.  Bon voyage!  Good riddance.  Maybe Hillary will too!  I was hoping I could have suggested a country without an extradition treaty.