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A billion here.  A billion there.  Pretty soon you’re talking about a lot of money.

Planned Parenthood Building Huge New Abortion Clinic in New Orleans.

It may soon become much easier to get an abortion in the Big Easy, as the nation’s largest abortion clinic chain is planning to build a massive new regional abortion facility in New Orleans.

“New Orleans is a vibrant city full of great culture and heritage, and sadly, the city with the highest violent crime rate in the U.S.  New Orleans is a city in need of peace,” says Louisiana Right to Life in an email alert tot its members. “Now, the struggle for peace has taken another turn. Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast plans to build now and open in 2014 a 7,000 square foot complex on Claiborne Avenue.”

The pro-life group said the new abortion business will be located at 4636 S. Claiborne near Napoleon Avenue and, according to Planned Parenthood’s fundraising materials, the Claiborne facility will perform abortions, unlike the current PP Magazine Street office.

“We anticipate the facility will become a regional abortion center, drawing in women from across the southeast,” the group added. “As the facts show, more Planned Parenthood equals more abortion. PP, the nation’s largest abortion business, performed 333,964 abortions in 2011; 9 out of 10 pregnant women who enter PP’s doors choose abortion; and for every 145 abortions, PP facilitates only 1 adoption referral.”

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