“If you can’t beat ‘em, beat ‘em by joining ‘em!” -WTF

LOUISVILLE, KY.  William T. Fowler has been a fixture around abortion clinics for years.  Sometimes with a bullhorn, sometimes with literature in hand – we’ve all seen those dreadful pictures of dead “babies” – but he’s always there to try and discourage women from choosing to terminate their pregnancy.  To be sure, Fowler has garnered his fair share of criticism.

“I’ve been called everything in the book . . . and a lot of things that aren’t even in a book.  Misogynist, homophobe, transphobic.  You name it!” Fowler said.  But the one that seems to really have gotten under his skin is the assertion that he’s transphobic.  Fowler decided to do something about that perception: raise money to pay for abortions for trans women.

“If you gotta slot where God gave you a tab, I want to pay for your abortion.  I just got to thinking that all these celebrities and politicians saying we prolifers lack compassion; I just wanted to prove otherwise.  From all the talk, it seems like abortion is the most compassionate thing anyone can do, so I decided to step up.  I’m  still hanging on to my own pronouns, but if some trans woman wants to scrape out the inside of her brand new uterus, well I’m here to help.”

Fowler plan includes expanding his compassion and generosity to sterilization as well. “Any trans woman that wants to get her tubes tied off, I want to help there too.”

Where was God when Josiah died?

Josiah Seth Hirsh

August 11, 2022

“He cannot come to me but I will go to him.” II Samuel 12:23

Wait. You mean there’s a time to resist?

Family Photos are EXACTLY like this

My wife and I have 13 children.  Our experience with family photos are like this.

Republican or Democrat: a Voter’s Guide

Voting season will be upon us before you know it. Watch this handy little guide so you can decide whether you want to vote Republican or not.

Only thing that ages worse than Biden are his statements.


Tucker Carlson interviews RFK Jr. VERY INTERESTING!

FYI, this lasted onYoutube for less than a day before the Google apparatus killed it.

Trans Athlete finally makes winner’s circle.

Try not to judge.

This DUDE is now in charge of your healthcare.

And soon to be Four-Star Admiral

WASHINGTON – A senior Biden health appointee who made history when she became the nation’s highest-ranking openly transgender official is also set to become its first openly transgender four-star officer, the administration announced on Tuesday.

Rachel Levine, the U.S. assistant secretary for health, will be sworn in Tuesday as an admiral of the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, a 6,000-person force that responds to health crises on behalf of the federal government, including administering coronavirus vaccines and delivering care after hurricanes. Levine is also the organization’s first-ever female four-star admiral.

Read the rest of our national insanity here.

So, is Joe Biden more senile than he is wicked or is it vice – and I do mean vice – versa?


It ain’t like it’s Cat Scratch Fever.

Ted Nugent on the Jab of Death.  He’s speaking the language.