25 California Reps busted using facial recognition software.

No one in a hurry to bond them out.

More than two dozen California state representatives were rounded up by local law enforcement yesterday.  While the group have long been known for pilfering the earnings of their constituency, making their districts a haven for illegal immigrants, and generally turning their neighborhoods into open septic tanks, none of this behavior led to the arrests.

Instead, the arrests were occasioned by a glitch in facial recognition software used by local police.  It seems that the state reps were flagged by the software that matched them to mug shots of wanted criminals.  Meanwhile the legislators languish in the local jail until the paperwork initiated by the snafu is cleared up.

Local sheriff, Buford Pusser, is having to foot the bill to house, feed, and clothe the wrongly arrested, but seems to be taking it all in stride. “Yeah, this puts us in a bit of a pinch, but the funny thing is these guys created all the regulations for the paperwork that we gotta do before we can let ’em out.  Those ACLU folks are making all the fuss, but it isn’t like we started this.

Barry Friedman, a privacy expert and professor of law at New York University. “You know, this just goes to show that you can never have too much regulation. I think it’s extremely important for states to be regulating the use of technology by police. It is the Wild, Wild West without a regulatory scheme. Regulation is what we need.

Sheriff Pusser has promised to work through the mess, “We’ll got these folks out directly.  None of the deputies or any of the locals are in too much of a hurry about it.