5 ways to know if Donald Trump Lied to us.

rioting-after-obamaTrump was elected by a wide variety of people.  A variety of wide people voted for Hillary.  I previously offered five reasons to vote of Donald Trump.  Those were compelling point, obviously.  I’m sure his election was based largely – if not solely – on that post.

His election, for me, was this really weird combo of elation and uh-oh.  I’m so glad that Hillary lost, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be rioting right now if she hadn’t.  I don’t care how much George Soros paid me.

So to be fair I’ve come up with five ways to see if we’ve been lied to.  Sadly, it seems like Donald Trump himself is reading from my playbook and checking them off one by one.  It’s been a busy week for him, you know.

These are all promises made by President Elect Trump when he was just candidate Trump.  So I don’t think it’s asking to much for him to get back to us when they get crossed off his to-do list.

  1. Prosecute  Hillary Clinton.  The Clintons are a political dynasty.  I don’t doubt that they are crushed by this setback, but they are not going away.  Chelsea is already been reportedly posturing for politics.  Investigate Hillary, Bill, The Clinton Global Initiative, The Clinton Foundation.  Root out this criminal enterprise from our midst.  Now!  Trump seems to backing off his promise to lock Hillary up.  Let’s hope that was just the fatigue of war speaking.
  2. Repeal Obamacare.  I know Trump said he’d repeal and replace.  I think it would be a boatload better if he just repealed it and do what government ought to do and get out of the insurance business.  After his first meeting with Obama, Trump said he would consider the President’s request to keep some portion.  I hope he’s done considering.
  3. Drain the swamp. Getting rid of bureacracy is going to be Trump’s most difficult task.  While he has tons of business experience AND he has heretofore been very skilled in surrounding himself with competent people, he has no political experience.  I think there is some overlap, but not much.  One thing he could do – and this would make his life so much easier – is to refuse to appoint Secretaries to most of the Cabinet positions and cut their budget to just barely enough to pay the janitor to keep the buildings clean (for sale to the private sector in a few years).  And in case you’re taking notes, Mr. Trump, you can start with Education, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development.  Did I mention Labor and Energy?  It would put a cap on some of these career politicians who are queuing up (and sucking up) right now for a place at the government trough of money and power.  And how much fun would that be!
  4. Build the wall.  Government’s first duty is to protect its citizens, especially from foreign enemies.  Those enemies are unvetted and unvettable.  And they are pouring in through our southern border.  Should Muslims dare to attack us again, turn their little patch in the desert into a sea of glass.  No negotiations, no diplomacy. Just destruction.  I’m not even that concerned if Mexico pays for it, but I must admit that would be a nice touch.  But if you really want to begin deportations with a bang: Deport George Soros first.
  5. Supreme Court.  If this country survives, nothing would be more meaningful in a political sense than the generational impact of filling the Supreme Court with Justices in the mold – as you promised – of Antonin Scalia.  Question #1: “For any potential Justice: Will you vote to overturn Roe v. Wade if you get the chance?  Any answer besides “You bet” ends the interview.  Break this promise and we’ll know your no different than the duplicitous miscreant you defeated in the recent election.