Alexandria Ocasio Cortez becomes the voice of reason.

Supporter makes A Modest Proposal.

AOC nods assent.

Democratic Congressman and Squad member,  Alexandria Ocasio Cortez took her “End-of-the-world” show on the road where she was greeted with a very enthusiastic supporter.  AOC, who has heretofore been the champion of dire climate change predictions, appeared to attempt – though never disagreed – with one of her supporters.

During a Q&A session, a young woman stood up to announce to those gathered that the sky was indeed falling and there were just “too many people” and we needed to start “eating the babies.”  The gathered crowd appeared non-plussed by the suggestion.  And though AOC appeared to try and curb the enthusiasm, she was also nodding in agreement during the plan’s unveiling.


One cynic made the ridiculous assertion that the young woman was engaging in the discredited literary form of something called satire.   According to Harvard Professor of Literature Jon Swift, that idea is nonsense, “First of all women hate satire.  For example, they don’t even like The Three Stooges; how ridiculous is that?  So the notion that this woman was engaging in this, is itself ridiculous.  Second, liberals don’t get satire.  They take themselves way too seriously, as you can see by the audience just nodding their assent.  Third, satire is man’s work.  Having a woman do satire is like . . . I dunno . . . having a woman drive.  She just needs to go do dishes or something.”

For her part, OAC took on an unusual calming tone, “Fortunately, we have time. We have hope.  We always have hope.  But if things don’t turn around, you might have a pretty good idea there.”

At the close of the Town Hall, all present were invited to dine on a sumptuous buffet provided by Planned Parenthood.