AOC continues to climb evolutionary ladder.

On second thought, never mind.

Democrat firebrand Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is opening up on the emotional toll of living in the spotlight saying, “sometimes I just want to be a human being.”

Despite the 30-year-old’s training as a bartender, the new Congresswoman was ill prepared when she was flung into the spotlight in June 2018 when she her congressional seat.  She also serves as the Grand Capo for The Squad which exists to make headlines for her  attacks on Donald Trump.

Surprisingly, she’s got a feminine side that is in emotional havoc as she’s now opening about the hardship of dealing with fame.  She calls her life in the public eye “complicated.”

“Sometimes I just want to be a human being. And you don’t get to be a human any more,” AOC told the Huffington Post on Tuesday, adding “so nevermind, I’ll just go back to being Grand Capo.”