Arrested Michigan 10 year old lands MLB pitching gig.

Will join team as soon as he’s on probation.

Things are looking up for 10 year  old Bryce Lindley.

Bryce is the soon to be fifth grader from Wayne County, Michigan.  He’s been arrested for assault (charges are pending in Wayne County juvenile court).  Bryce is accused of joining with others encircling a group of classmates in a threatening manner.  While in this formation, Bryce – it is alleged – intentionally threw a medium-sized inflated object at the head of another 10 year old, striking that child.  Or, as the rest of the country calls it, Dodge Ball.

Bryce, who is black, threw the ball at the victim, who is white.  While some were quick to cry “racism”, Bryce  has offered that he drilled the victim with the ball not because he was white but because he was fat and slow.  Police were not buying it.

The injured child’s mother — who declined to release her name or her child’s to the public — says her son had a previous medical condition that made him susceptible to head injuries. When asked if she had ever considered telling her son not to play games that might result in head injuries, the mother said, “Uh, no.  Why do you ask?”

Further, she alleges that this particular injury was no accident, adding that he “sustained facial tissue damage to his face” where it seems nearly 100% of facial tissue injuries occur. She says that her son had already experienced similar incidents while engaging in physical activities at school, and that she “tried not to let it get to this point.”  She further opined that the school is also liable for not consulting with the NFL to adopt its concussion protocol.

But every dark cloud has a silver lining.

When Major League Baseball got wind of the little Bryce’s throwing prowess, the 10 year old was inundated with offers.  Said one MLB talent scout: “Heck, we intentionally throw at batters all the time.  We like to think of ourselves as role models.  If Bryce can pick off a moving target with a volleyball, he’ll be an ace when it comes to brushing back batters.”