Bergoglio’s “how-far-can-I-step-in-it-this-time” moment.

Setting new records.

Turns out this latest wicked rumination came from an interview a year or so ago.’ve had a few conversations with folks in light of Bergoglio’s latest “how bad can I step in it this time moment” yesterday.  As a result, I wrote the following.  Hope it’s helpful. (It was to a protestant friend).

Good to hear from you.  Thanks for asking “how to think through” this latest insanity from Jorge Bergoglio (

There are at least three “tracks” that are (mostly) mutually exclusive explanations for this latest pronouncement.

But first, context.  There is no “good” spin on what he said. It’s one of his “off the cuff” conversations that he ought not be having.  It betrays – at best – a poorly informed worldview, but it’s not a pronouncement.  (And I think I’m being way too charitable!)

It is not the position of the Church; it does not change the teachings of the Church, which by definition cannot change.  We call change agents (wait for it) protestants.

Having said that, I have to ask you a question: Why do you care?   Seriously, what’s it to you.  Andy Stanley [fill in your own favorite heretic] teaches all kinds of novel stuff; nobody says boo.  They either keep going there (for now) or they leave or they start their own “fellowship” or hook their wagon to someone else who is starting the own “fellowship.” It’s the (failed) Great Protestant Experiment a/k/a The Ever-Shrinking papacy.

You have a protestant world view.  By definition, you reject the authority of the Catholic Church.  It might get you out of apparent tight spots like dealing with this nonsense; but, it comes at a high price, like no valid Sacraments.  To you, the papacy is a nothing: good popes, bad popes, whatever.  As a result of your presuppositions, you look at this like a protestant.  Maybe you’re asking yourself, “wonder what Hirsh is going to do now.”

My faith, informed by reason, doesn’t “jump ship” when a priest/bishop/pope is wrong/stupid/evil.  That’s a protestant thing.  I reference your presupposition/worldview.  Well, mine is that this IS the Church that Christ founded.  In the words of Peter, whose faith informed by reason was challenged said, “Where else can I go? You have the words of eternal life.”

The world, probably particularly the US, has a protestant worldview.  Even (especially) Catholics.  They want to bail.  Sure, Bergoglio is making evangelization all but impossible, making guys like me who are telling guys like you “hey, come to the fuller expression of the Truth!” seem like psychos.  But protestants pick churches not much differently than they change channels: “this one bores me”, “this one is stupid”, “this one isn’t meeting my needs”.  Scroll up; scroll down.  “Oh, I like this show . . . for now.

It is HIS Church and HE’s been dealing with interlopers for a couple of thousand years; starting with Judas.  The 11 jumped ship (“He’s done for now” they thought, “might as well go back to fishing.”)  But they were restored (“Peter, do you love me?”) and the world’s never been the same. But the fight continues in the heavenlies.  We get a glimpse of that (Revelation 6:10) where those already in Heaven are praying “God, how long until you do something.” To which God in that passage responds: “Sit down.  When I’m good and ready, that’s how long.  And it’s gonna be a doozy!

For me, I’ll stick with faith and reason.  I’ll still call a spade a spade.  I’ve been picking fights with deacons, priests, bishops, and pretend-popes for that last dozen years.  But I ain’t leaving, no matter how much they want me to.

So, answer my question: What’s it to you?

Next question: When you coming in?  It’s a target rich environment; they can’t get away this time.

In Christ,