Biden courts the cotton-pickin voters.

Joe Biden claimed racism is institutional in America on Tuesday, but would not commit wholeheartedly to picking a person of color as his running mate if he were to win the Democrat presidential nomination.

Biden, who has faced scrutiny over his ties to avowed segregationists and opposition to school busing, told a group of reporters that racism is an institutional “white man’s problem visited on people of color” within the United States.

“White folks are the reason we have institutional racism,” the former vice president said. “There has always been racism in America. White supremacists have always existed, they still exist.”

“The bad news is I have a long record. The good news is I have a long record,” the former vice president said. “People know me — at least they think they know me. I think after all this time, I think they have a sense of what my character is, who I am.”

“I’ve never, ever, ever in my entire life been in a circumstance where I’ve ever felt uncomfortable being in the black community, with the possible exception of when Barack made me ride the DC Metro train to work,” Biden added.

When asked if he would consider picking a person of color, Biden answered, “Hell no, I’ve got an institution to protect.  This is one guy that owns the black.  I mean the black vote.”