Biden promises female VEEP. Stacey Abrams ruled out.

Biden: “Stacey just doesn’t pass the ‘nuzzle test‘.”

Kicking off their audience-less debate, Biden and Sanders enjoyed an elbow bump as they greeted each other. When asked about a possible vice president, Biden said he will pick a woman to serve alongside him. Biden also reiterated his intent to appoint the first African American woman to the Supreme Court.

When asked about his running mate, Sanders said in “all likelihood” he would also select a woman. Leading contenders for Biden’s Veep include Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Stacey Abrams and Amy Klobuchar.

Biden later partially walked back some of the promise: “To the extent that I remember saying it at all, Stacey is a fine woman.  In fact, she’s a clean, articulate, bright African-American.  But she just doesn’t pass the ‘nuzzle test’.  And you know how I like to nuzzle!”

The former Vice-President was hurried off stage by one of his care-takers.