Biden stumping for Trump in Iowa.

On a “Truth vs. Facts” tour

Shady Joe campaigns, for Trump.

Former Vice President and current Democratic hopeful for president, Joe Biden, has been tirelessly campaigning . . . it appears, for President Trump.

Falling on the ever-popular White Privilege sword, Biden noted with great enthusiasm that “Poor kids are just as bright as white kids,” the former President in charge of Vice added, “but only the poor white kids.”

Earlier in the week, Biden was working on behalf of the NRA to help bolster 2nd Amendment rights when he mentioned the recent shootings in Texas and Ohio, but referring to Ohio as “Michigan.”  When the error was pointed out, Biden eruditely commented, “Screw it.  What’s the difference. We got our butts kicked in both places.  Thank you so much, Hillary.”

Last week during the Democratic presidential debate, Biden flubbed the address where people could send donations to his campaign.  “If you agree with me, go to Joe 30330 and help me in this fight,” Biden said in his closing remarks on stage Wednesday night.  His campaign corrected his blunder the next day. “In case you missed last night’s debate, Joe meant to say ‘Text Joe to 30330’ but left a word out,” it said. “Oops.”

But in a nod to free enterprise, a 16 year old from Dayton, Ohio (also known as “Michigan”) quickly scooped up the domain and made six million dollars.

And earlier today, the former Veep was ending his speech by praising the American spirit:

“There is nothing we’ve ever decided to do we’ve been unable to do. Period. That’s not hyperbole. We have never, never, never failed when we’re together. And ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to get up. Everybody knows who Donald Trump is. Even his supporters know who he is. We got to let him know who we are. We choose unity over division. We choose science over fiction.  We choose truth over facts.”

Insiders at the Biden campaign who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said the Biden was hedging his bets: “If he can’t be president, he’s hoping Trump will give him another shot as Vice President.