Bill extols Joe’s Virtues. In other news, pot calls kettle black.

Former President Bill Clinton appeared virtually to give his endorsement to Joe Biden for President.  Add to this the added surprise (to some) that Bill appeared at the DNC prime time on the same day that a photograph was made public of Bill getting a massage from a twenty-something sex slave while with his old pal Suicide Jeff Epstein.

I love writing satire.  I love irony.  But even I, can’t make up irony this extreme.

  • Bill said “Trump turned the Oval Office into a storm center.” Gee, Bill, as I recall you turned it into the Oral Office.
  • Bill didn’t like it when Trump said (about COLDVID) “It is what it is.”  Bill, I remember you telling the world that you don’t even know what is, is.
  • You accuse him of his “determination to deny responsibility.” Umm. . . I recall another President who got on national TV, looked America straight in the eye and said (with fingers-a-pointing), “I did not have sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinski.”
  • You assure us that Biden will “take responsibility.” Do you mean like he has over his 40 years in politics – and before: lying about his accomplishments (3 degrees, top of my class, plagiarism, etc.), the way he sets his drug-addled, whore-mongering son up with billion dollar contracts in Ukraine and Red China, the way he divides the nation by telling people they aren’t black if they don’t vote for him, the way he stole his current wife from another man? I could go on, because the list is seemingly endless. Perhaps you could give us the short list of when he has taken responsibility.
  • And, you tell us that he truly cares about the marginalized. So while you prefer the company of 20 something sex slaves when you were hanging out with your old pal Epstein; Joe is a little more opportunistic, preferring to nuzzle women and young girls in full view of the world. You’re are a demonstrated rapist; Joe’s “just” a molester.