Blasé Bill De Blasio

Bloviating Bill and the Bovine Squeeze Machine.

Democrat presidential candidate Bill De Blasio announced on Thursday that if elected, he would impose a national “robot tax” and create a new bureaucracy to regulate automation.

In a Wired op-ed, De Blasio wrote: “As President, I would issue a robot tax for corporations displacing humans, and create a federal agency to oversee automation.”  He said his “proposal would institute a ‘robot tax’ on large companies that eliminate jobs through increased automation and fail to provide adequate replacement jobs.”

Early in his political career he raised money for the Sandinistas, visited Nicaragua to align himself with the leftist tyrants. He was endorsed by George Soros in his New York City mayoral race.   Bill de Blasio  was born Warren Wilhelm, Jr. in 1961. When he graduated from New York University in 1983, he changed his name to Warren de Blasio-Wilhelm. In 2002, he changed his name again, settling on Bill de Blasio.

De Blasio called for a tax increase by taking away full expensing of new equipment, and said companies would “be required to pay five years of payroll taxes up front for each employee eliminated.”

“I want a program that captures the efficiencies of the DMV, emulates the warmth of the IRS, and makes everyone in this great country of ours feel like they’ve been to a proctologist with lymphoedema of the hands.”