Chinese protesters sign US Anthem, waive US flags.

Colin Kaepernick takes a knee.

Hong Kong’s citizens have begun waving American flags and singing the U.S. National Anthem amid ongoing protests against China’s control.  U.S. Rep. Dan Crenshaw posted a video of the singing citizens and said, “Hong Kong is a modern-day struggle between tyrannical rule and free democracy. Protesters stand bravely in the face of violence to combat China’s authoritarian regime. They remind us why we value our freedom in America, and should stand by their side as they fight for theirs.”


The protests have become a factor in the ongoing trade tussle between the US and the People’s Republic of Communist China.  Nearly 95% of all athletic shoes (like Nike) are imported into the US are manufactured in China.

In an interview with Colin Kaepernick, the former NFL quarterback who was recently signed by Nike for $10,000,000, the player noted that tariffs and trade tensions were threatening his bank account.  Further noting, “Man, those dudes gotta cut that s*** out.  They be getting into my business.  I know I said ‘take a stand’ and all that, but the cops need to put that stuff down. Like now.”