Church of Scientology finally classified as a Cult.

Fine if you want to kidnap, assault, threaten, intimidate

and even be all sinister, sneaky, and deceptive, just don’t . . .

Release flaming balloons.  That’s right.  The dastardly dudes of darkness have gone too far.  Forget the human carnage wrought be their nefarious hands, this time they’ve threatened the environment.

It’s so bad, the “church” has actually issued an apology!  I know, right!  This is the group that infamously NEVER RESPONDS and ALWAYS ATTACKS.

And this effrontery took place in Ventura, California which is about 70 miles north of Los Angeles.  Yeah, go figure, an area of the country that is noted for used hypodermic needles and human excrement piling up in the streets and sidewalks gets their granola laced panties in a wad over a couple of hundred balloons.

But at least the world now knows how sinister the Church of Scientology really is.

And if I commit suicide in the next couple of weeks, the balloony-tunes did it.