Every one needs their “n word”

I’m a victim, you’re a victim, everyone wants to be a victim too.



Because nothing puts an end to an Italian stereotype like threatening to break someone’s legs and throw them down a flight of stairs.


Overcoming rich, white privilege isn’t easy.  To elevate yourself from privileged to victim is even tougher.  But not for rich, white CNN strongman Chris Cuomo.  Cuomo  erupted at a man in public who called him “Fredo,” in a wild moment caught on video that went viral Monday night.  The encounter between Cuomo and the man happened at a Shelter Island bar — that appears to be Sunset Beach — on Sunday. The video, surreptitiously filmed by the man Cuomo was shouting at, was uploaded to Twitter by a user who said he was sent the clip.

The CNN anchor was caught on video laying into an unidentified man who taunted him in public as “Fredo,” in a reference to Fredo Corleone, the ineffectual middle son of Don Vito Corleone in “The Godfather.”

Cuomo was approached by a chap ostensibly seeking a photo with the CNN star.  One witness says he was just asking for a photo and thought his name was Fredo from being an avid listener of @RushLimbaughEIB

But “****-*** b* from the right call me Fredo,” Cuomo told the man, who claimed he thought the CNN anchor was named Fredo. “My name is Chris Cuomo. I’m an anchor on CNN.  Fredo is from The Godfather.  They use it as an Italian aspersion. You Italian?” Cuomo continued. “It’s an insult to your ******* people. It’s like the N-word for us.”

They went back and forth, and at one point Cuomo said, “I’ll ******* ruin your ****. I’ll ******* throw you down these stairs like a ******* punk.”

In his fury, it evidently slipped Cuomo’s mind that he once referred to himself as Fredo in a 2010 radio interview with Curtis Sliwa.

According to social commentator, Ben Shapiro, “the important thing to remember is that you don’t have to actually be a victim, you just have to feel like one.  Sure, Cuomo is rich, famous, white, and well-connected – indeed he really is the personification of ‘White Privilege’.  But as long as he feels like a victim, he’s golden. Or at least olive.”

Cuomo is off air this week. CNN told the media due to his pre-planned attendance at a victim’s conference on the French Riviera.