Extinction Rebellion facing extinction.

Commuters educate protesters on the finer points of Natural Selection.

Hilarity ensues.

Furious Londoners turned on Extinction Rebellion today with crowds of commuters dragging protesters down from the roofs of Tube carriages to rough them up on the station platform, while online the group was slammed for comparing its actions to those of civil rights legend Rosa Parks.

As their eco-protest enters its 11th day XR activists launched a coordinated strike on three London Underground stations, clambering on top of carriages and gluing themselves to doors despite Monday’s city-wide ban issued by the Met Police.

But their efforts to disrupt public transport were met with a furious backlash from commuters, industry groups and politicians leading one XR spokesman to admit the move had been a ‘huge own goal’.

Video surfaced from Canning Town station of a protester seemingly being beaten and kicked by angry workers on the station platform having been dragged bodily from the top of a train.

The group’s leaders have called off a planned protest at Gatwick airport ‘in light of’ the response to the Tube disruption and a spokesman said the group would ‘take stock’ before disrupting the Underground any further.

Eight protester arrests this morning brings the total since last Monday to 1,711 as police warn XR’s antics are pulling officers from community policing and stretching resources to breaking point.  As a result of the demand on police resources, Londoner’s have been granted immunity from any criminal prosecution related to their efforts to educate protesters on the application of Natural Selection.

One Londoner who had been involved in removing a protestor from the top of the train smilingly responded to the immunity, “We’ll be on those blokes like a pack of US Marines at a flag burning party! You thought they had bad teeth before!”