Figures lie. Liars Figure.

Maxine Waters has never run for anything based on her math skills.  Good thing too.

Me – if I was any good at math – never would have gone to law school.

Well all this “sequestration” talk is being used to scare the entitlement class.  It’s not hard to do once they’ve become inseparable from the government sow.

So here’s where Maxine comes in:

  • America’s present unemployment rate is 7.9%, or about 12.3 Million people.
  • There are 314 Million people in the United States.
  • There are approximately 155 Million civilian jobs in the United States.
  • According to Maximus, if sequestration occurs, 170 Million jobs will be lost.
  • This means every person in America will lose their job.
  • And about 15 Million people will lose jobs they don’t even have.
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