First “gay” bank gets green light.

Actually, it’s more of a chartreuse.

Banking out of the closet

Do lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people need a bank of their own? Superbia Credit Union is about to find out.  And they think you look absolutely fabulous.

Michigan on Monday approved a charter for the new financial institution designed for LGBT customers, clearing the way for online service to begin early in 2020.

Funding junk removal service.

Superbia Credit Union will offer products which are often outside the scope of a more traditional lender, such as “loans for transgender people in the process of transitioning – otherwise known as an anatomical renovation project,” said Myles Meyers, founder of New York-based Superbia Services Inc., which created the credit union.

“I can walk into a bank or credit union and apply for a loan or credit card or savings accounts and frankly, no problem,” said Meyers. “If I walked in to the same institution with my ‘husband’, we can come across different responses and welcome.”  Meyers couldn’t identify any actual discrimination that took place with any specificity.  “I feel like I’m a victim and you shouldn’t question me about it” Meyers added.

One more traditional lender noted that “Nowhere – ever – has he seen a loan application require a potential borrower to disclose what gender or even species he liked to have sex with.  We’re in the business of lending money.  We look at credit scores, income levels, and other indicators of creditworthiness.”

Superbia will have its own branded credit card thanks to a special partnership with Ikea.