Food Stamp Fight (updated)

You can have my foodstamp when you pry it from my cold dead fingers.

CBS Chicago reports that a dispute over a place in line at the food stamp office led to a full-fledged brawl among members of the club.  One recipient of a free Obama-phone was able to put it to good use and caught the melee on video:

Update:  the original, unedited video was removed by Youtube because apparently there is no word in the Ghetto language that replaces the “F” word in English.  The clip below is from a newscast of the event.  No profanity; but ample comedic commentary from witnesses.

Now, I understand that a small percentage of food stamp owners are peaceful and law abiding.  They assert that they have a constitutional right to possess them . . . without restriction or limitation.  When asked what part of the Constitution they were referring to, they responded.  As soon as we find someone to translate Ghetto into English, we’ll let you know what they said.

When one of the patrons was asked why she needed a wallet that holds as many as thirty food stamps, she simply pointed to the six children she had in tow – all outfitted in designer clothes and $200 sneakers.

But the overwhelming evidence is that as long as there are food stamps, there will be food stamp related violence.  For the sake of the children, Congress must act now and approve a ban on all food stamps.

How many more people have to get hurt before we end this madness?