Former abortionist, now on fire for God.

A little too little; a little too late.

Satan: “He was some of my finest work!”

Klopfer’s first words on entering eternity: “Uh-oh.

Klopfer was said to be Indiana’s ‘most prolific abortion doctor’ and was thought to have performed tens of thousands of abortions since he began doing them in 1973

The remains of more than 2,000 fetuses have been found at the home of an abortion doctor who died just 10 days ago.  The 2,246 fetal remains were discovered in the home of Dr. Ulrich Klopfer in Will County, Illinois.

Klopfer died on September 3 and it was while family members were going through his home that they found the medically preserved fetuses.   An attorney for the family was said to have contacted the coroner’s office on Thursday about the discovery.

It was estimated that he had performed tens of thousands of abortion procedures in multiple Indiana counties for decades, making him ‘likely’ to be the state’s ‘most prolific abortion doctor in history,’ according to the South Bend Tribune.

Following his 2016 hearing, Klopfer, who was 71 at the time, was given a minimum six-month suspension following 12 hours of testimony and thousands of exhibits.  The testimony reportedly indicated that Klopfer had been using the same sort of abortion and sedation procedures that he had used since the 1970s and 1980s.

Despite it not being part of the complaints that were brought against him, Klopfer also spoke about performing an abortion on a 10-year-old girl at an Illinois hospital after she had been raped by her uncle.   Instead of notifying police about the child abuse, however, he allowed her to return home with her parents, who knew about the rape and had refused to prosecute the uncle.

Klopfer was found to have not given pain medications to all women who he performed abortions on, only women under the age of 16 and women who could afford to pay extra for it.

Upon his demise, Klopfer was ushered into the Planned Parenthood section of perdition; or, as Lucifer calls it, “The Extra Crispy Room.”  Screams of torment from Klopfer went unanswered, but it was reported that “he has seen the light.  Unfortunately, it was only after he felt the heat.”