Here’s why you need an assault rifle.

ERIC HOLDER: Barack Obama ‘has authority to use drone strikes to kill Americans on US soil’

Without going into all of the legal nuances, the right to life, as mentioned in the Declaration of Independence, is an inalienable right from God.  The right to that life is meaningless without the right to defend yourself against an attack.  Statutes and case law, anecdotes and history are replete with examples of this foundational understanding.

So those that want to erode the Second Amendment mock and scoff at those who express the purpose of that Constitutional provision: to repel an encroaching tyrant. (Note: Tyrants are often identifiable by their insistence that they are not an emperor or a dictator.  You’re welcome.)

Despite filibuster and outcry the Obama Administration is publicly declaring that they (that is, HE!) can kill you if he wants to.  He just doesn’t want to right now.

So when you get asked why you need an extended magazine on that assault rifle (as guaranteed against government infringement in the 2nd Amendment), the answer is because moving drones might be hard to take down with anything less.