Hillary Clinton: America’s Sorest Loser.

The votes are in, certified, and guaranteed to be foreign-interference free:

Hillary is America’s Sorest Loser (ASL).

Four years after rank-and-file Democrats attempted to distance themselves from Hillary and her stacked deck leading to her “nomination”, the first woman to lose a presidential election in the United States continues to dangle over the cliff of irrelevance.  I don’t know what makes her sorer – losing to Donald Trump or losing to Bernie Sanders!

As one might expect from a screechy political hag, she continues to assert that long-ago discredited notion that Donald Trump ‘stole’ the election from her through Russian interference.  I guess that’s what you get when your life consists of rummaging through Adam Schiff’s office dumpster.

Says Queen Hillary, “Well, I think it’s pretty clear that Stone threatened him,” Clinton said. “He probably threatened him privately, but he also threatened him publicly about what he would say if he had to go to prison, and this is a continuation of the cover-up.”  Of course, the reporterette didn’t press America’s Sorest Loser (ASL) for, I don’t know, evidence.  But sore losers, especially when their name is Hillary Clinton, never have to really bother with evidence (you know, like all the evidence that she’s been Bill’s accomplice/enabler for the rapes he committed!)

Since ASL is playing games, it seems like an appropriate time to dust off an old, tried-but-true grade school game.  It’s called “Hangman”.  You guess the a letter (but not as glitzy as Wheel of Fortune) then you get to complete a segment of the hangman’s work.  Back in the day, I had to play this game on a chalk board. Uphill.  In the snow.

So the query is: Another Name of America’s Sorest Loser.