Hillary’s sweep toward the nomination.

Fortunately, she already has the broom.

witch hillaryBy now it’s old news that Joe BIden isn’t going to run for President.  Doesn’t really matter to me though.

He gave what can only be described as a campaign speech to say why he wasn’t going to get into a campaign.

I was struck by two comments he made though.  The first was when he quoted his father telling him about the importance of treating every person with dignity.  Smokin’ Joe rattled off a list of those that needed that dignity: sodomites, victims of racism, blah, blah, blah.

Never mentioned treating the unborn with dignity, or not selling their body parts to the highest bidder.  You see, Joe’s a Catholic and he never wants to impose his morality on someone else.  Hypocrite.  And if doesn’t repent, Damned Hypocrite.

The second little gem that caught my attention was his call for increased taxation on the wealthy.  He then opined that the wealthy wouldn’t mind at all, you know, being all charitable about helping those less fortunate.  You may recall that Generous Joe managed to scrape together about 2% of his earning toward charity.  So while Joe wants to continue to spend money like a drunken sailor, we must remember that drunken sailors spend their own money.