Hinn sees the light, still speaks for God

God also told him he could keep the cash.

Christian televangelist Benny Hinn, who has made millions of dollars preaching the prosperity gospel, has now made a stunning rejecting of the practice and declared that ‘it’s an offense to the Lord’.  The pastor and faith healer behind Benny Hinn Ministries publicly renounced the teachings he has previously been a vocal supporter of during a live feed posted to his Facebook on Monday.

The prosperity gospel is the controversial teaching and belief among some Protestant Christians that followers can obtain wealth and health by making donations to God through the church.  Hinn, who has an estimated fortune of $60 million, now insists the ‘Holy Ghost is just fed up’ with the prosperity gospel and vowed never again to ask for money.

‘I’m sorry to say that prosperity has gone a little crazy and I’m correcting my own theology and you need to all know it. Because when I read the Bible now, I don’t see the Bible in the same eyes I saw 20 years ago,’ Hinn said.

‘I think it’s an offense to the Lord, it’s an offense to say give $1,000. I think it’s an offense to the Holy Spirit to place a price on the Gospel.   ‘I’m done with it. I will never again ask you to give $1,000 or whatever amount because I think the Holy Ghost is just fed up with it.

When asked by a reporter if he was “going to follow the example of another ‘wee little man’, named Zacchaeus, and return four-fold what he had wrongfully taken.”

Hinn paused, thought for a moment, “Hell no!  The Holy Ghost isn’t that fed up with it.  Besides, I’ve also renounced being a fanatic too.