Horton hear bupkis. Killing Dr. Seuss.

It’s hard to believe, who would have thunk

Why, no Who in Whoville would believe this junk.

That Green Eggs and Ham or a Cat in the Hat

Are code words for meaning something this, something that

And “a person’s a person no matter how small”

Reviling to those who think a baby person’s not a person at all.

We hear time and again from an unholy alliance

There’s a whole bunch of genders; just follow the #Science

Believing some fool in a lab coat who declares  “a mask, maybe two

Will save us forever from a seasonal flu. Do you?

We’ll be safe we are told by a geek in big glasses

With his magical jab stuck right in our asses

He can stop any virus as everyone knows

Unless it’s the kind that comes in Windows

Like Jill Biden I am not really a doctor, No, I am not

Even when her husband – you know the thing – could think a thought

When Michelle O read my books out loud everyone was glad

But three fish in a fight can be very, very bad

If I ran a zoo whether tiny or large

I would not, I could not put the dumb beasts in charge