Is it too early to forward my mail to Guantanamo?

No sense waiting until the last minute.

US lawmakers vote on indefinite detention

You know it’s bad when the musloids are reporting on the loss of American liberty.  Al Jazeera reports:

The House of Representatives passed the 2012 National Defence Authorisation Act (or NDAA) on Wednesday with a vote of 283 for and 136 against the bill.  The Senate is expected to vote on the bill as early as Thursday and had already passed one version of the bill on December 1, with 93 votes in favour of and seven against – a  remarkable margin.

The NDAA, which includes the 2012 $662bn military budget and more. But civil liberties advocates are concerned over a section in the legislation that deals with the detention  of civilians by the military.  Provisions in the bill codify an approach that allows for endless detention of US citizens and non-citizens picked up anywhere in the world. They also gives the US military the option to detain US citizens suspected of participating or aiding in terrorist activities without a trial, indefinitely.

A person can be detained “under the law of war without trial until the end of the hostilities”, the bill states. The hostility in question here is the “war on terror”, and at the moment, it seems to have no end.

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