Jimmy Kimmel runs for President.

Says he can beat Trump, but only if he changes his name to Genital Herpes.

The Artist formerly known as “Kimmel”

ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel claims that “genital herpes” can defeat President Donald Trump in the 2020 election, joking that the sexually transmitted disease has twelve-point lead on the president. “I have some more bad news for the president,” said Jimmy Kimmel his opening monologue. “According to a new Washington Post, ABC News poll, all five of the top Democratic candidates are polling ahead of him.”

The left-wing TV funnyman added that in addition to candidates Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg and Kamala Harris, Kimmel allegedly polling ahead of the president, a few other entities also had a chance at winning the 2020 election, including “a tube of warm coleslaw” and “genital herpes.”

Kimmel acknowledged that when polling using his name “Jimmy Kimmel” against President Trump, “I got my scrawny liberal a– handed to me.  So, I’m legally changing my name to ‘Genital Herpes’ so that I stand a chance of beating Trump.”

Members of the artist formerly known and ‘Kimmel’ staff also commented that the name change was also being pursued to comply with Truth-in-advertising regulations.