Joe Biden imagines, then fails geography.

Also managed to step in a time-space warp mud puddle.

Biden has a dream.

Democratic front-runner for president, Joe Biden, has got the Oval Office on his mind. Biden, who loves to wax nostalgic was reflecting out loud at his previous proximity to the sitting in the presidential high chair.

“First, there was that time,” he recalled fondly, “in 1988, I think it was.  I was this close.”  he said holding up two fingers just an inch apart.  “But my term paper that I wrote in law school – I titled it “I Have a Dream” and I quoted it when I was on the campaign trail.”  When Biden was reminded that he withdrew from the race because of the plagiarism charges, he replied wistfully, “Yeah, that was a hell of a speech.”

The Democrat made reference to the 1968 assassinations of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, which days ago he recalled to have happened in the late 70s

Biden served for two terms as president in charge of vice under Barack Obama.  Former Vice President Joe Biden posed a shocking hypothetical question to voters at a New Hampshire Rally Friday, asking the crowd to imagine what would have happened “if Barack Obama had been assassinated?  I’ll tell you what would have happened: I would have been President!  Sometimes life ain’t fair, but I’m a trooper and that’s why I’m here today.”

But Biden was a little confused as to exactly where “here” is.  While at the New Hampshire campaign stop he declared, “I love this place. Look what’s not to like about Vermont in terms of the beauty of it?” A nearby campaign aid whispered in Biden’s ear.  Joe grinned, looked vacantly at the crowd.

“Yeah, that was a hell of a speech alright.”