Joe Biden, Streetfighter

Joe doesn’t fight like a girl. Worse: he lets a girl do his fighting.

Crazy Uncle Joe is, well, crazy.  He’s also the youngest man in the race for the Democratic nomination.  That’s if you don’t count the only Squaw in the race.

Joe’s got a legendary habit of running his mouth.  Usually, it’s just to put his foot in it.  He, apparently, is unloved: no one close to him will tell him to shut up.

Some of his flubs can be forgiven, even laughed off.  Giving endless speeches could give just about anyone the opportunity for a misstep.  And who among us hasn’t at one point or another said, “Wait, today is Thursday already.  I thought it was Super Tuesday!”  For my part, I’ve got sticky notes around the house labelled “Plausible reasons I came in this room.”  Man, that’s been a lifesaver.

Joe is famous for talking tough.  Whether it’s his childhood nemesis, the non-existent “Corn Pop” whom testosterone-rich Biden taught a life lesson or expressing his desire to take President Trump out to the woodshed, Joe doesn’t back down.  We know this, because he tells us all the time.

But every once and while, you get a glimpse of a man and who he really is.  So if an excommunicated Catholic supporting the wholesale murder of unborn children isn’t enough for you (and that’s a position Joe has held long before he went bat-poop senile), yesterday he was laid bare.

Not only did Joe get confused as to which female standing next to him was his wife and which was his sister – a vestige of a campaign stop in West Virginia, I’m sure – Joe showed himself for who he is: a two-bit coward.  I could take the mildly-endearing doddering old man who might utter some awkwardisms at Thanksgiving Dinner.  Even if you don’t let him within 10 feet of any prepubescent girl.

But Joe Biden is a no-account, worthless, pompous coward.  Two porcine female protesters rushed the stage Biden shared with his wife and sister.  They were shouting something about outlawing milk – no doubt, some deeply-held pain coming to the surface due to the fact that they’ve never had the opportunity to lactate.  It was Biden’s wife who twice stepped between the protester and the candidate.  In each instance, Joe had his arm around his wife’s waist – perhaps still thinking her to be his sister – keeping her between himself and the rushing swine.


So if you hear Crazy Uncle Joe saying we need to “keep punching and punching and punching” to get rid of domestic violence; or, you think he’s going to go toe-to-toe with Putin, that fat guy from North Korea, or anyone  else for that matter, you can know the only person he will ever use force against is an unborn baby.

But anyone that can push back – even if it’s just with a piece of cardboard – he’ll use his own wife as a shield.