Kanye West takes his show to an actual church.

Plans to renounce his faith next week.

His quasi-religious Sunday Service performances have become a regular fixture of his Calabasas, California community.  Now Kanye West has taken the show on the road with a performance inside an actual church.

Unlike previous shows which were closed to the public, the 42-year-old rapper and producer played his music for a group of parishioners in Los Angeles’ North Hollywood neighborhood.  Kanye arrived around 11 a.m., and his group played for nearly three straight hours until 2 p.m.

Kanye was content to be the focus of attention at his Sunday performance, telling worshipers to call him “Yesus. Cuz’ we tight like that” referring to his sixth album by that name.  The service was also attended by other notable Christians, like his wife Kim Kardashian, and their children North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm.  Blac Chyna, Gwen Stefani, and singer Tori Kelly also attended.  Even celebrity manager Scooter Braun made an appearance.

Mega-churches have become all the rage in the United States and the Hollywood style glitz and glamor and the Broadway level of entertainment show the competition is stiff for attendees, who ostensibly become donors.  “Pastors” of these super churches become celebrities on the own, often saying they are called to “minister to the affluent.”  And the perks aren’t half bad either.

Preachers, once a symbol of humble means, have been replaced by flashy, opulent, and seemingly boundless wealth – all amassed while being a man – and, horror of horrors these days – even a woman.  Multiple jets, palatial homes around the globe, and expense accounts that would make one of Donald Trump’s ex-wives blush are the new normal.

At the conclusion of the service, several members of the Mega-Church-Clergy joined  in an inspirational rendition of “What a Friend we have in Yesus.”