Kenya continues to meddle in US elections.

Obama wants to take on ‘partisan gerrymandering’ by engaging in . . . well . . .  ‘partisan gerrymandering.’

Barack Obama announced a new initiative on Monday aimed at recruiting volunteers to help Democrats come out on top in the redistricting process that will begin after the 2020 census is complete. The former president is pairing up with Eric Holder, his former attorney general, who has just completed another gun running trip to Mexico.

Holder and Obama want to to teach and train local recruits how to be leaders in what they call the fair map movement.  ‘I’ve always believed that training is at the heart of organizing,’ Obama said in a statement on the group’s website.

Former pres and his former attorney general explicitly promote gaining an advantage for Democrats

‘The movement for fair maps will determine the course of progress on every issue we care about for the next decade. And we can’t wait to begin organizing when the redistricting process starts in 2021. We need to build this movement from the ground up – right now,’ he added.

Part of the plan includes “consolidating all the states east of California into one state called ‘Obamaland.’  With the number of US states reduced to about a half a dozen” Democrats are confident that they can secure victory in all upcoming elections.  Efforts are also underway to add the state of “Northern Mexico,” ensuring a Democratic stronghold into perpetuity . . . or until the collapse of the welfare state, whichever occurs first.