Latest Poll: Elizabeth Warren gets 1/1024th of the votes.

Scrubs Website Of Native American DNA Results

Affectionately known as Fauxcahontas, Democratic Presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren has removed sections of her campaign website that had disputed claims about her heritage, including the results of a DNA test that showed she had scant traces of Native American ancestry.

Until Sunday, Warren’s website included a video of the Democrat receiving the results of the genetic test, which showed that she had between 1/64th and 1/1024th Native American ancestry. Warren initially touted the results as a vindication of her claims throughout her academic career that she has Cherokee ancestry.

In April 1986, Warren listed herself as “Native American” on a Texas state bar registration form. Harvard Law School, where Warren taught before entering politics, referred to Warren as the school’s only Native American professor as recently as 1996. Warren also listed herself as a minority in the Association of American Law Schools directory from 1986 to 1994.

Warren is traveling in Iowa where she was speaking to an Indian group.  She drew faint  applause when she promised better working conditions at the nation’s 7-11s.  Fortunately, a campaign aid hurriedly whispered, “These are feathers, not dots.

Candidate Warren didn’t miss a drumbeat: “Today we scrubbed our website of any references to my DNA test results.”  She added, “It’s gone faster than my opponent Kristen Gillibrand with a bottle of Clorox.  The scrubbing was so complete Hilary Clinton sent me a note of endorsement.  We must continue to rewrite history until there is none left.  It’s that important that we defeat Donald Trump.

In a Q & A session after the speech, there was just one question and that from the tribal chief: “How?”