Let’s make Kim Jon Un a US Citizen

I bet Obama would do something then.

The current Supreme Ruler of the prison camp known as North Korea is a psychopath.  He has nuclear weapons.  He has threatened to attack the United States, going so far as to produce videos that show his military might targeted at the White House and the U.S. Capitol.  Obama ignores him.  Bad call; in a growing list of bad calls.

Granted, the videos would get a high school freshman a low “C” in the good old US of A, but the last time I recall a mediocre video . . . let’s see – no, not the George Clooney movie – oh, yes it was that poor slob in California who cobbled together a silly little bit of celluloid making fun of Mohammed.  I think that guy’s still in jail.

This is the same Obama who used his gun-running Attorney General to say that the President, in his own unilateral discretion, has the right to kill US Citizens on US soil if he deems them to be a threat.  Hmmm.

Kim Jon Un has nuclear weapons.  He’s a madman who comes from a long line of madmen.  He is currently threatening the United States with the weapons he possesses.  Now I know the fat boy from North Korea needs a butt whooping as well as a new barber.  But do we have to make him a US Citizen to get Obama to take him out?