Making America Beg Again.

The Muslim nations have a long-standing history of demonstrating mercy, compassion, and goodwill.  Or at least that’s the sentence that could be constructed by President Joe Biden’s actions.   That’s about the only actual sentence that could be constructed.

He’s literally begging the Taliban, who are successfully walking through Afghanistan, to spare the US Embassy in that God-forsaken rock pile.  Guess he was thinking, you know, something along the same lines as Benghazi where our Ambassador was tortured and killed by Hillary Clinton’s malfeasance.  But for the accident of birth that gave us Bill Gates, Hillary would be the most despicable man on the planet.

This is the same Taliban that is summarily executing surrendering soldiers in contravention of International Law.  Surprisingly, the date eating towelheads have little regard for International Law even when it comes to not assassinating their own kinsmen.  I’m sure they’ll cede to Biden’s begging.

Earlier this week Biden began flexing his begging physique and psyche, by imploring OPEC to increase oil production.  He even said, “pretty-please-with-a-cherry-on-top.” This is the same guy whose first act on entering office was to fire 15,000 Americans by terminating the Keystone pipeline that was providing  US Oil, not to mention tens of thousands of jobs.  Poof!  Gone!  And I’m not just talking about Crazy Uncle Joe’s recall of that action.

But while Biden goes all Neville Chamberlain with the rest of the world, he continues to channel his inner Fidel Castro with those he swore an oath to defend.

Killing unborn children continues to be an Administration priority.  Killing of the born people by mandating the Covid jab of death can only be described as the actions of a lunatic and/or a madman.  Massive inflation that we haven’t seen since Jimmy “Peanuthead” Carter was President, Illegal aliens (not the one’s in UFO’s) flooding over our southern border in record numbers; the Covid sufferers among them being fairied around the country by Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg (see what I did there?) . . . and the list goes on.

Biden cowers before our sworn enemies and seeks to bludgeon Americans into submission using lies, manipulation, and threats.

You might want to learn to fight.  Either that or Chinese.