Memphis Priest accused of Racism, Bishop says not so.


After an investigation, the Catholic Diocese of Memphis says “claims of racial bias and discrimination are unfounded” regarding allegations by two women that a Collierville priest discriminated against one of them by rejecting her as a house cleaner on the basis of race.

Friday, the Catholic Diocese released its conclusion of the investigation regarding the incident in which Emily Weaver, a white woman who had cleaned the Rev. Jacek Kowal’s home, took LaShundra Allen, who is black, to the church and asked to enter the rectory to train Allen as her replacement.

There, the women were told by church staff, “Fr. Jacek’s dog is kinda racist. I’m sorry, we are not trying to be rude, but the dog doesn’t like black people.  He just prefers white women.” according to a letter from the women’s attorney.

Father Kowal is the owner of the German Shepherd, named Quantavious.  Quantavious is also black.  Fr. Kowal denied the claim of racism.  “I have black friends.  I’ve had other black dogs.  He just prefers who he prefers.  He gets a little aggressive when he listens to rap music, but he’s a good boy.”

According to Lashundra Allen’s attorney, they plan to continue pursuing legal action.