Mom . . . I’ve got crabs.

Mom: Me too.  Let’s get out of here.

After stuffing $200 worth of crab legs in a purse, a mother-daughter duo fled a Tennessee supermarket, but not before slugging a female employee in the face when she tried to thwart the brazen crustacean heist, investigators allege.

In criminal complaints filed yesterday, Felicia Hollins, 56, and Gabrielle Hodges, 34, are charged with theft and assault in connection with the August 18 crab leg thievery at a Superlo Foods outlet in Memphis.

According to police, two witnesses said they “watched two females take crab legs and conceal them in a purse.” When store manager Diane Glover tried to “stop the females at the check-out counter,” one of the suspects “struck her twice in the face.”

Memphis police subsequently identified Hollins and Hodges as suspects in the crustacean investigation. The duo was collared after a witness identified both women in separate photographic lineups.

In post-arrest typed statements, Hollins and Hodges each reportedly copped to “participating in the robbery,” the complaints report.