NBA Called out for ‘Black Privilege.’

League subject to ‘Diversity Compliance’ measures.

Adam Silver

The NBA, still licking its wounds over the “Free Hong Kong” controversy is now dealing with another crisis.  While Whites factor into approximately 77% of the general population of the United States, their numbers literally pale in comparison to a paltry 11% of the NBA players.  Conversely, Blacks comprise about 17% of the general population but represent over 80% of players.


While the NBA (and other sports teams) have long gotten a pass on the Affirmative Action laws that govern nearly every other aspect of American life, those days now appear to be over.  Critics of the league have cited the institutional ‘Black Privilege’ that exists in the pro basketball ranks.  “Gone are the days when White guys were stars – Larry Bird, Bill Walton, Jerry West.  Now White guys are under-represented.  They hardly stand a chance.  It’s just not fair.  It’s just not diverse.  And diversity is what’s best.” said the White American Sports Players (WASP) Union Executive.

Consummate White Guy, Adam Silver, who is also NBA Commissioner noted that “all players compete for playing positions and contract.  There is no racial profiling going on in the NBA.  It is strictly based on abilities.  These guys just need to work harder and step up their game rather than turn to the government for some sort of equalization of the racial breakdown of our league.”

Silver continued, “If the WASP has their way, the quality of our product is going to suffer greatly.  I mean, if we have mostly white teams, you might as well just watch the WNBA.  Or just say, ‘Made in China.'”